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Since the year 1980 the agricultural and Rural development efforts among the government , non government organizations and the farmer’s associations in Thailand were seeking solutions to solved the problems about the crisises of Ecological and Environment which many impacts to the people , of course the Farmer’s 85% in Thailand who increased their productions with the high – technology and also high in – put in Chemical Fertilizers. Insecticides and weedicides. These are the big problems nowaday in 2000 that make the farmer’s are poor and debted it is called modernization but not civilzations. In 1998 – 2000 Han Kyu Cho the founder and Chairman of Korean Natural Farming Association ( KNFA.) had been in Thailand with the cooperated by Rev. Sang Swang Kim the Korean CANAAN EXODUS MISSION in Chiangrai . They spent much time on Training in Natural Framing with the conceptual and practically to the farmer’s , social workers SANTIASOK COMMUNITIES Churches members , Agriculture extension workers and in the UNIVERSITY. The last Training in the North organized at MAEJO UNVERSITY during MAY 2000. The participants in the north established TNFA to applied and serve the poor – small farmers in a small scale since 1999 and started UP a small project and expect to explan in near future as TNFK ( Thai Natural Farming Network ) which follows the conceptual and practical of KNFA.

Northern Sustainable Delopment Learning Centericon

Front picture of NSDLC. is link the gate of opportunity for the poor farmers to come and learn natural farming and prepare to become the farmers who have a rich of idea , health and money.

Cottages & tents.icon

Cottages & tents reserved for the trainee.

NSDLC. have cottages and tents reserved for the trainee who want to be their own private with good atmosphere at the night time.

Guest House

Guest House reserved for the trainee.

Reserved for the trainee that can stay 19 persons.

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The traineeicon

Pig farmicon



Organic Teaicon

Making IMO. Composticon


Rice farmingicon

Pig raisingicon

Training on the highland.icon

Learned on the class-room as a field visited.

The trainee groupicon
30 members of Bank of Agriculture and Cooperative from Utraradit Province on training 7-9 December 2004.

The longan fruit.icon

The longan fruit trees that belong to one of NSDLC. learner.

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